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Supervision for practising hypnotherapists is an essential role of being a professional and ethical therapist. 

It offers you safe, confidential, personnel support and development where you can reflect on your practise. 

As a supervisor, I am here to help support you in your professional practise so that you continue to grow and develop into the hypnotherapist you strive to be. This can be 1:1 or group supervision.


 In the initial supervision session, it is important that I am aware of your goals and aims from supervision, As an integrative therapist, I offer integrative supervision to support you specific needs for personnel and professional growth.


​The amount of supervision that you require is dependant on the number and complexity of the clients that you see.

You may need help and support setting up  in business for the first time and I can help you make sure you have all legal and ethical requirements in place.

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