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Fears and Phobias

Phobias and Fears can have a detrimental effect on a person's life and well being, causing extreme anxiety to the point a person has to change their life to accommodate their irrational fear and phobia.

Fear is a natural reaction caused by real danger, this triggers the fight, flight and freeze response, creating symptoms of increased heart rate, tension in muscles, palpitations, sweating and breathing fast and shallow.  

Phobias and irrational fears are reactions to objects, animals, places or situations that causes little or no real danger and may not even happen.

People often know that their reaction is irrational. However, the physical response to the body is the same as if it were a real fear.

An irrational fear is a learnt behaviour stored within the subconscious mind created by the body's natural defence mechanism. The program that has been learnt is then exaggerated increasing our natural stress responses creating irrational physiological and psychological reactions.

Treatment Using Hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy and Hypno analysis is effective in treating irrational fears and phobias and and a combination of techniques can deal with;

  • stress responses. 

  • re-framing irrational thoughts to reality.

  • decrease exaggerated thoughts.

  • understanding where and why the fear was created so it can be rationalised.​

Take back control of your life and of your fear/phobia, reduce the anxiety and stress, reprogram your brain and live the life you choose to live.

Clifftop Yoga

A Young female adult came to 'New Horizon Therapy Centre' for the fear of spiders.

My client had seen a spider in her work place and was now struggling to go to work because of her Fear.  On seeing a spider she would  scream and attract attention for it to be removed.

After the first session, client felt her symptoms of fear was greatly reduced and no longer felt the need to constantly check every nook and cranny in her home. Using techniques Hypno-analysis and re-framing her fear of spiders, after 4 sessions this client is now able to successfully remove spiders from her workplace or anywhere.


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