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Mindfulness & Meditation Workshops

Since January 2019 we have been offering Mindfulness & Meditation workshops at the Wisbech Library on a fortnightly basis. They run on a Saturday morning at 10am till 12pm.

These workshops have been hugely successful and we have regular and new attendees every session, creating a warm and friendly environment where you can spend an hour learning mindfulness which has the positive benefit of allowing you to become more self-aware and able to deal with every day stresses and daily tasks. This leads to a more balanced and positive lifestyle giving you skills to improve your self-confidence and ability to cope in stressful situations.

We offer light refreshments followed by a Meditation Session where you are given the opportunity to put your learning into practice. Meditation also has many wonderful benefits as you create an inner calmness and clarity. There are many biological benefits from lowering your blood pressure and heart rate and allowing these biological processes to become in balance and working more efficiently. Meditation can help with many mental health issues from anxiety, panic attacks, depression and stress.

Over the past 4 months we have looked at mindfulness in the being and doing mode, ‘who am I’, being mindful of our personality traits, happiness, gratitude positive affirmations along with many other topics.

We are now ready to offer you the next group of our topics from; Meditation, body and breathe, the body scan and beyond, mindful movement and mindful eating.

The workshops are advertised on facebook

or if you would like to know more please do not hesitate to contact me for future dates or details.

Many Thanks

Hayley Snow



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