Mindfulness and Meditation Workshops

 hosted by New Horizon Therapy Centre & Happy in the moment.

We believe that the present moment is filled with joy and happiness and by giving it our fullest attention we are able to cultivate a life of ease. By increasing our self-awareness and delving deeper into ourselves, we are able to challenge and change unhelpful habits and behaviours, improve emotional resilience and learn strategies to help us cope with all of our problems.

At our group meet-ups, we will make lasting changes to our own personal well-being, and as a group, we're able to inspire change in others. We provide regular get-togethers at local venues, aimed at covering a different topic of mindfulness each session. Each session runs for 2 hours and costs just £10 for the whole workshop. In this time we will cover a mindfulness topic, guide you through a meditation plus we make sure to work in ample time for sharing and chatting with each other. We may also have raffles, guest speakers and other special events planned for some of these sessions and you'll be updated on these through your local group.

Held at the Wisbech Library, everyone is welcome.

Please access link to see when the next session is being held or feel free to message me.


Tel: 07786350315